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The XPLOREpro travel portal offers you incredible rates on hotels, resorts, rental cars, cruises, condos, weekly stays, activities, and more! With over 1 Million properties to choose from, and thousands of destinations, there is something for everyone to explore!

Free Vacations

With XPLOREpro, you get free vacations! XPLOREpro members get free, complimentary vacation vouchers that can be used at over 50 incredible destinations around the world!

(Taxes and resort fees not included. Minimum of 4 days / 3 nights for 2 people.)

Free Cruises

XPLOREpro also offers free premium cruises! With over 3,000 itineraries, more than 100 ports to choose from, and no blackout dates, it's easy to find a perfect fit and cruise around the world!

(Taxes, port fees, and upgrades are not included. Certificates are for 2 people.)

Earn Rewards

When you book travel with XPLOREpro, you earn rewards! Your rewards can be redeemed to save money on your next vacation. Platinum members can even redeem their rewards for things like gift cards, restaurants, and more.

Guest Passes

Who doesn't love a relaxing vacation at a great price? With XPLOREpro you can share guest passes with your friends and family so everyone can explore the world at a discount!

Membership Tiers

XPLOREpro Benefits Gold Platinum
One Time Membership Price $749.99 $999.99
One Time Membership Price for Elite iGenius Members $649.99 $899.99
One Time Fast Start / One Time PV $75 / 200 $100 / 300
Annual Renewal Price $574.99 $749.99
Annual Renewal Price for Elite iGenius Members $499.99 $649.99
Annual Fast Start / Annual PV $60 / 150 $75 / 200
Hotel Discounts
Cruise Discounts
Rental Car Discounts
Condo Discounts
Worldwide Tour Discounts
Reward Credits for Personal Bookings
Rewards Credits for Guest Pass Bookings
Annual Vacation Voucher (for 2 travelers)1
Lifestyle Benefits
Premium Cruise Certificate (for 2 travelers)
Savings Bonuses on Guest Pass Bookings2
Reward Credits Can Be Redeemed For Lifestyle Benefits3
Savings Bonuses on Personally Enrolled XPLOREpro Member Bookings
XPLOREpro Guest Passes4 Limited Unlimited
Reward Credits Redemption Window 2 Years 10 Years

1-XPLOREpro vacation voucher must be redeemed within 18 months of issuance.

2-Savings bonuses are based on savings, not booking totals and are not paid until after the travel/activity is completed.

3-Lifestyle benefits include things like: Gift cards, shopping rewards, lounges, and transportation.

4-Platinum guest passes are good for 1 year. Gold members get 10 guest passes per month that are good for 90 days.

XPLOREpro has a 110% best value guarantee. If you find a lower price anywhere online, XPLOREpro will refund you 110% of the difference!

Disclaimer: The XPLOREpro membership includes services, features, and benefits that are delivered or fulfilled through third-party companies. Users should carefully read and accept any terms & conditions, policies, disclaimers, etc., as provided by the third-party companies before making any purchases. iGenius LLC and Investview Inc. are not travel brokers. iGenius LLC and Investview Inc. shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, costs, or expenses stemming from issues such as travel delays or cancellations and XPLOREpro members agree to indemnify and hold harmless Investview Inc., its subsidiaries, employees, distributors, affiliates, and members. For a comprehensive overview of the company's policies, disclosures, and terms & conditions, please refer to: www.igeniusglobal.com/policies